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Junior School

This is the first building block of our junior school. This is also the most important preparatory class of Entrance – Test to various schools, including Aitchison College. It is a continuation and extension of Preschool teaching especially of kindergarten. Although it is more rigorous than kindergarten, it is speckled with activities in the learning centers in order to ease the academic burden. Thus, learning becomes fun for the children. K-I has a comprehensive curriculum supported by an array of extracurricular activities woven into its colourful fabric. The children absorb all the knowledge through the carefully designed activities in the learning centers. Developing critical thinking skills is the main focus of the teachers. For this, the students polish their reasoning skills on the IXL programme. This computer based exercise not only opens the door to the latest technology but also increases the mathematical and logical skills of the children. Language Arts (English), Math, Science, S. Studies, Computer, Urdu, Islamiat and Art are the main subjects. Giving presentations in the main subjects is mandatory for all students. Thus, they enhance their public speaking skills from the very first grade of the junior school. Creativity is the essence of teaching and every child is encouraged to fan his expression be it Art, English, Urdu or any other area. This embeds in the students unshakable self confidence which eventually is the key to the child’s success in later life.

Grade 2 - 5
Grade 2 and onwards children embark upon a learning journey in which there is no looking back. The chain of concepts taught in the different subjects in the previous classes arouses in the students a curiosity which increases with the passage of time. The dedicated team of teachers scaffold the development and learning of every child physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Every aspect of a child’s development is recognized and developed holistically. This results in the majority of students becoming all rounders. Alma Mater is proud of the versatility of its students and celebrates diversity with fondness.

The students are taught keeping in mind their individuality and each child is dealt as a different case. The classes are integrated with the latest technology to inculcate an innovation and creativity in our pedagogy. The students are provided an environment which aims to build the complete personality of the child through their involvement in extracurricular and academic activities. A special focus is given on academics and on improving each child individually. Remedial classes are conducted for the weaker cases.

Students learn through practical activities and experiments. Activity based teaching is at the core of our academic values. Children learn FRENCH as a foreign language, since we believe that in this day and age, an exposure to international languages is a must for their overall development.

Our Journey

Alma Mater is a Preschool, Junior and senior school up to pre-cambridge, leading to yearly upgradation up to O-Levels in the coming years. The Preschool consists of Playgroup, Nursery and Kindergarten (K.G) whereas, the Junior and Senior School comprises of classes from Grade 1 to Pre Cambridge. The starting ages of the children are 2+. It was founded in 1980 by a group of enthusiastic educationists keen to give quality education to children. Dr. Ahsan-ul-Haq Rana and Dr. Jamila Rana, both the founders of the school, had done masters from Columbia University, U.S.A and were serving at key educational teaching posts at the time. They envisioned a Preschool with Dr. Maria Montessori’s Educational Methodology which would be the first step to lay a solid academic foundation for children equipping them to have an insatiable desire for learning throughout their lives. The curriculum and teaching methodology would finally lead the students of the Preschool to become confident learners and promising future building pillars of our society. Till today, Alma Mater has maintained its level of excellence and has in this long journey, produced thousands of students who are now serving in Pakistan and abroad to make this world a better place to live in.

Get Set Go!

Admission Policy:
Registration form to be filled and submitted at the school office.
Meeting with the Principal by prior appointment.
For students of Playgroup and Nursery, there is no entrance test. However, an informal
interview with the Principal/Vice Principal is essential for admission.
The school will inform the parents of the appointed day and time of the interview of the child and parents respectively.
For students of KG onwards, there is an entrance test, whose date and day is intimated by the school to the parents in advance.