Parent connect

At alma mater we believe that student improvement is dependent on a positive input from all three pillars of this relationship i.e. Students, parents and the teachers. We believe in involving the parents in every way possible as their interest makes the motivation of the children increased manifold. We aim to educate the parents to our way of teaching and our classroom philosophy and on the technological changes that we are doing within the classes.

Alma mater launched the parent connect initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to look for ways in which we can involve the parents and to make communication with the parents effective and to keep them updated of their child’s performance in the classes.

Some of the initiatives that we have taken under the parent connect banner are:


Tri  has a dedicated student portal for the parents through whom the parents can view the latest grades, fee bills and attendance of the children. The home works for all the classes are also uploaded on the student portal. The student portal has a special ‘worksheet reinforcement website’ in which extra worksheets related to classes are uploaded weekly for parents who want extra practice for their children. The student portal ensures consistent communication between the school and the parents which is essential for effective progress of the children.


The school sends monthly newsletters to all the classes which updates the parents on the coming activities, the incumbent month’s syllabus and the things which most children await at the start of the month: announcing the previous month’s Student of the month and the Parent of the month


Alma mater believes in providing the children the best platform to achieve their potential and to do this we use a variety of means and teaching pedagogies. We believe that the parents should be helped and guided in what we are doing in the classroom. Alma mater provides CDs to parents which guides them on how they can use the IXL, Spelingcity, ABC Music and Me website, Student Portal at home. We provide nursery rhyme CDs that we do in the classes for the parents as well.

Parent Seminar

As part of our parent connect initiative, alma mater plans to hold parent seminars annually on different problems that the parents face with regard to their children, both academic and non-academic. The first in this series of seminars was done in the session 2013-14 in which the school teachers along with Mrs Maryam Haider, an education psychologist informed the parents about how they can help their child deal with psychological tantrums, discipline issues, sleep issues, lunch issues, sibling arrival issues and the most important, independence issues.

Parent teacher conferences

Parent teacher conferences are held twice a year to give the parents an opportunity to meet the teachers and to discuss the performance of their children. This is a good opportunity for the parents to acquaint themselves the teachers and to discuss the improvements and the shortcomings of their children.