Setting Standards

We Want Best for our kids

After school:

Alma mater is always ready to share the burden of parents, to facilitate the working and busy parents we have introduced reinforcement classes held after school to facilitate parents in raising the academic level of students and helping them finishing the homework in school.


Learning management system:

The school has its own learning management system, the students are able to view curriculum videos made by their teachers so that classroom learning can match with their home learning, the LMS has topic related games, quizzes which can help them get a grasp on the topic.


Alma mater learning Bus station:

We have a special bus that is equipped with CCTV cameras, now you can see child’s activities from home. Isn’t that great? To make the trip to and fro from school meaningful, the bus is equipped with LCDs and tablets on which school educational videos are played.


FC 360 :

The football club is an external collaboration with Professional coaches outside the school and with latest football equipment, a perfect opportunity for our young ones to learn a new sport. The classes are usually on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Riding Classes:

The school has collaborated with the Lahore Polo Club to provide riding classes to the students off the school venue. The classes take place over the weekend under the supervision of the Lahore Polo Club instructors and an alma mater staff member.



The students from Nursery onwards take karate lessons from a professional Karate instructor. All students get a chance to display their karate skills at Annual Sports Day.



A trained Aerobics teacher conducts the Aerobics classes. We emphasize a lot on physical fitness because only a healthy body can have an active mind.


School Psychologist:

We have a speech therapist on board who comes on a weekly basis and can help the students having speech, social or learning issues.


Play Area:

Alma Mater has set up a ‘Gazebo’ outside, especially for our preschool students, where students are free to enjoy their favourite toys such as the rocking horse, see-saw and spring action rides.


Class Libraries:

Preschool classes are equipped with their own in Class Reading Centers whereas the senior classes use a shared library which is equipped with a very good collection of books to promote literature awareness.


Field Trips:

Field trips are arranged once a term to make learning fun and broaden a child’s awareness of the world around them..


International Days:

The school celebrates many international days such as ‘Mother’s/ Father’s Day’, ‘World Food Day’, ‘Earth Day’ etc to make the children aware of the different happenings around them and also to increase their environmental awareness