What sets us apart

We believe in sowing seeds for long-life learning. We embrace new and innovative forms of learning corroborating with the conventional standards that we have set and we firmly hold the belief that combination of modern technology and experienced teaching can pave a smooth path of learning.


ABC Music & Me

is an international award-winning, early literacy and language curriculum that uses bundled, thematic lessons to help young children learn important language, listening, and social skills. Created by Kindermusik (Internationally trusted name in children’s music and movement), ABC Music & Me makes classrooms journey fun to learn. Alma mater has proudly launched ABC Music and Me exclusively in Pakistan to promote English language learning through ABC music and me.



Mathematics can be boring and unpleasant for some. He may find it difficult to grasp but here in Alma Mater, we have the IXL mathematics software that allows children to learn mathematics through many entertaining ways. We believe that creative software has great impact on learning new basic concepts of math. The software allows the children to learn mathematics in an interactive way and opens up a vast library of resources to them. They can practice exercises independently at home and it’s online reporting allows the teacher to monitor whatever the child is practicing at home.


Spelling city

Besides ABC music and me and IXL program, Alma Mater has incorporated the Spelling City software in its curriculum to increase the English vocabulary skills of the children. We facilitate our children in every finest way that develop our children's cognitive, verbal and social interaction ability that's why this software enables the children to play games, have fun and along with it increase their vocabulary skills.


Apprendre le Francais

Learning a new language at any age is an enormously rewarding experience in many ways. Which language learning is an enriching experience for all ages, children have the most to gain from this wonderful experience. Research also shows that those students who have learnt a foreign language have higher test scores, la short such children perform much better than their monolingual peers. The students of Alma Mater consider themselves very fortunate to be learning French.


Technically Smart

Blended Learning-Tablets in classrooms:

At alma mater, we aim to provide our students with the latest international teaching pedagogy in the classrooms, with this aim we have introduces tablets into our classrooms which is going to make classes much more interactive for our student. The tablets prove to be particularly useful in the pre cambridge classrooms. Our students have an enjoyable, interactive and learning experience through the various ipad apps.


Laptop Trolleys:

All around the world, computer labs are becoming an outdated concept, the fact that a lot of time is wasted in taking the children to the labs and then switching on the desktops is the primary reason for this change. This is why alma mater uses laptop trolleys which are taken into the classrooms before the start of the class, this enables less wastage of time and also makes classes more interactive since each child has a laptop readily available.


Interactive Whiteboards (IWB):

Alma Mater is pleased to be one of the first schools to incorporate Interactive Whiteboards in its curriculum. The technology enables the teacher to make the classroom more interactive and memorable learning experience through uses of animations and illustrated tutorials. Classroom learning is much more enjoyable and effective for the children. Imagine a child learning the phonic of A, and learning that A is for Alligator and he can listen to a song of phonics and to the sound an alligator makes or play a game of phonics on the IWB and all this in one lesson. Imagine learning the concepts of Geometry when you can see them at work on your IWB in an interactive way.


Interactive Workbooks (QR Codes enabled):

We have proudly introduced flipped learning through video tutorials, embedded with QR codes. Our workbooks contain special QR codes. QR codes are encoded with videos that are related to the topic of the worksheet. Through QR codes, children are able to watch the videos solving questions at home.



We use edmodo in our classrooms to make our classrooms engaging and interactive. Edmodo is a social media tool made for classrooms through which students can interact with their teachers even after they have left the class. Edmodo provides instant grading to the teachers which enables them to give on the spot feedback to the students.


Story Bird:
Alma mater incorporated Storyboard in its dynamic curriculum this year that lets any child make visual stories in seconds. Through storybird, students can use illustrations from the best animators to enhance their creativity skills and to learn creative writing in a creative way.


Mystery Skype:

We hold mystery skype sessions with international schools to enhance the map reading skills of the children. Through mystery skype children from two different countries guess each other’s countries by asking different questions regarding their location on the world map.